Where the music beckons,And the mountains echo the call

Welcome to

An Chistin

Dunfanaghy Co. Donegal

Good Food Great Prices

In the middle of the village of Dunfanaghy you will find An Chistin, the cafe belonging to one of the hardest workers in Dunfanaghy!

Providing employment for a staff of nine, Angie is there all day every day, come rain or high water, whether it is providing breakfast in the morning for hungry workers, or homemade chowder and fish dishes late in to the evening for an eclectic mixture of clientele.

With the help of her staff, Angie prepares all the food in situ, including her delightful haddock coated in the most superbly light, homemade, beer batter.

An Chistin also provides a wide variety of hamburgers, steaks, pizzas, kebabs, etc., etc., all at very, very reasonable prices.

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