Where the music beckons,And the mountains echo the call

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Edens Creations

Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal

Innovative Young Artist

Eden's Creations is a new local craft, run by a young artist, Dee Ferry, from Murroe.

Creating beautiful pieces for the home and garden. The sculptures are made from a leading waterproof textile hardener enabling them to withstand any climate.

These unique pieces are one of a kind, no two pieces are the same.

They can also be custom made to order. Instead of keeping those precious baby clothes in a box in the attic, why not turn them into pieces of art to be admired by everyone who sees them.

Dee often displays a few pieces in The Art House in Dunfanaghy, and she intends to place more pieces around Dunfanaghy in the near future.

The other place to see Dee’s work is on her Facebook page listed below.


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