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Seamus McMonagle Golf PGA

Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal

Golf Professional

There are a lot of people who play golf, some better than others, some who play for health reasons, some to enjoy the scenery, some whose social world depends on golf, and some who would like to improve and can’t understand why they haven’t, even when they practise.

Okay, if you are serious about wanting to improve your golf, from whatever level you currently play, and I mean seriously want to improve, then come to Dunfanaghy Golf Club and enrol for a series of lessons with the PGA golf instructor and golf professional, Seamus McMonagle.

Seamus is an accomplished professional golfer with several victories to his credit, he knows his profession, and above all, he has the capability of conveying his knowledge, and sharing his experience. In his quiet and understated fashion, he can efficiently explain the theory, and competently demonstrate the practical. And then, quite simply, it’s up to you.

So instead of spending 200 euro on the latest Taylormade turbo-charged, double-overhead-cam, 1000cc driver, which you may find superb, until the new model comes out, spend your money wisely and learn to play the game properly.

If you want to learn, you will be amazed at what Seamus can teach you.

Phone: +353 (0)87 78 00 660

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