Where the music beckons,And the mountains echo the call

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The Green Door Studio

Dunfanaghy, Co. Donegal

Inspiring Artwork Bright Airy Gallery

The Green Door Gallery is located in an attractive building in Port-na-Blagh, just a few kilometres from Dunfanaghy, and is currently celebrating more than 12 years of quality Irish art.

All the artists represented in the Green Door belong to one family, and much of their inspiration is drawn from the one source, viz. the rugged coast of Donegal, but their interpretation, and their respective mediums, are as diverse as the coast itself.

A lot of work here is done on a commission basis, in particular the portrait work of one of the artists, Gary Bonner.

All their works are displayed in a light, airy welcoming gallery, where one of the artists is always around for a chat.


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