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‘Tidy Towns’ is a national competition for towns and villages of all sizes across Ireland. We have been submitting an application annually for the last three years detailing all the activities we have carried out to enhance our local surroundings. The competition is quite wide ranging and not solely about tidiness, as the title might imply.
An adjudicator visits Dunfanaghy in June, July or August, so it is particularly important that everything looks its best at this time.
Dunfanaghy has a very active and committed Tidy Towns group. Approximately 15 people attend monthly meetings but many more volunteers are involved in activities and sponsoring projects. Not bad for a small village with less than 300 permanent residents!
Our remit is to:
1 Involve the local community in Tidy Towns activities
2 Improve the streetscape and built environment of the village
3 Maintain and develop the landscape and green areas of the village
4 Raise awareness of the natural environment and carry out activities to enhance the biodiversity of the area
5 Encourage everyone to live in more sustainable ways with a view to eliminating waste in the key areas of resources, energy and water
6 Keep the village clean and tidy
We produce regular newsletters about our current projects and maintain a Facebook page. If you would like to find out more or become involved please contact us: dunfanaghytidytowns@hotmail.com


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